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This week's millions
26 Nov 2015
La Primitiva € 19.700.000
€ 1,75 / Line
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26 Nov 2015
SuperEnaLotto € 28.400.000
€ 1,25 / Line
Play & Win!
27 Nov 2015
Eurojackpot € 14.000.000
€ 2,50 / Line
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27 Nov 2015
Euromillions € 25.000.000
€ 3,00 / Line
Play & Win!
28 Nov 2015
German Lotto € 10.000.000
€ 1,25 / Line
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29 Nov 2015
el Gordo € 13.400.000
€ 2,00 / Line
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€ 110.500.000

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Playing Euromillions is playing European lottery with a minimum jackpot of 15 Million Euros guaranteed. Therefore the Jackpot of Euromillions can rise rapidly by 55, 75, 100 or even more than € 180,000,000 tax free! Feeling lucky? Go play Euromillions online or check out the latest results.

German Lotto

Playing German lotto is playing every Wednesday and Saturday in one of the oldest lotteries of Europe. You can play German lotto online for only  1.25 per line/ draw and check the latest German lotto results on our website.


Playing Eurojackpot is participating in the latest European lottery. Since March 2012, you can play Eurojackpot online every Friday with a minimum jackpot of at least 10 Million Euros guaranteed! Already bought a lottery ticket? Check the winning numbers online at ELS Lotto. Check the latest Eurojackpot results.

Euromillions, Eurojackpot or German lotto?

Play in the biggest lotteries of Europe for a bigger chance and more fun on an easy, reliable and 100% secured way.

Start playing for only € 1.25 per line!
Whether you are going to play in the Euromillions, Eurojackpot, German lotto or with one of the Southern European lotteries such as Spain's el Gordo, La Primitiva or the Italian SuperEnalotto does not matter.

You choose! Complete the play form and increase your chance of winning many millions of euros, tax free.



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Our website has been developed in a highly secured environment and gives you access to the biggest lotteries in Europe. In this secured environment, you will find your lottery tickets in your personal account My ELS. Our website is 100% safe and secured with 256-bit SSL encryption. In My ELS, among other things, you have the possibility to change, edit and manage your tickets, prize money and personal data.

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At the latest, 24 hours after receiving this general confirmation or 6 hours before the next draw, you will receive your bet confirmation by email. In this bet confirmation you will find next to your lucky numbers your play and login details to log in to your own MyELS account. Here you will be able to see and print a copy of the original ticket(s), check winnings and manage all personal data.


After the lotto draw, all your winnings will be credited in your MyELS account. Here you can choose to cash out your winnings transferred to your own bank account or to use your winnings to order new tickets. So check the latest results online now.


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Euro Lottery Services

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