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02 May 2016

The lotto report: week 17 in numbers

Since you are probably very busy yourself, ELS Lotto will provide an overview of the latest lotto news. What Jackpot was (finally) hit? Which lottery is new or is going to change? Which lotto winners have we seen on the Internet during the past week? Every week, ELS Lotto gives you an overview of the main lottery events, news and tips.

A summary of the past week (April 25 - May 1, 2016)

14 - Leicester City Foxes Lotto up to more than 14 million GBP

One minute nobody has heard of the club, and the next, the whole world has. The successful team under leadership of manager Claudio Ranieri is winning the hearts of many a football fan. Without comparison, this was the most discussed team around the world during the past few months. Odds are great that they will soon be writing history by claiming the title in England.

And coincidentally, or perhaps not so coincidentally, £14.1 million can be won by predicting the right numbers in Foxes Lotto.

See the news for Foxes Lotto on the official website of Leicester City FC.

348 - Powerball jackpot growing rapidly

After the enormous jackpot of $1.586.000.000 was won in January of this year, it looks like another mega-jackpot is on the way. Because no winning ticket was submitted in the past week, the Powerball jackpot has reached $348 million US dollars.

148 - Lotto winner from England opens a store for film and music collectors

The man who won one of the largest jackpots in the history of England in 2012 together with his wife, opened a new store carrying souvenirs, and music and film memorabilia. Exclusive items from movies, as well as instruments and signed records, can be found at Black Barn Records in Cambridge. The husband's greatest passion - music - is undiminished.

8 - Lotto vendor phones lucky winner to ask whether she has checked her ticket

In Ireland, a vendor of lotto tickets quickly realized he had sold the winning ticket to one of his regular customers. That must have been the case, as he would otherwise not have had her phone number to call on the evening after the drawing to ask whether she had checked the numbers on her ticket. She hadn’t yet, but the lady in question (who has asked not to be made known publically) did ask whether there was more that the vendor would like to tell her.

With numbers 1, 9, 15, 23, 33, 38 and bonus number 29, the lucky winner won a € 7,902,685 return on her € 12.50 investment. Read the full article in The Independent.

Who will be next to receive a call from an enthusiastic vendor?

130 - Win more than €130 million for only €4.60

Euro Lottery Services is the specialist in Europe. The SuperEnalotto and EuroMillions jackpots, added together, have reached more than €130 million. €4.60 buys you a chance at a worry-free future.

But that’s not all. What about more than €25 million in the Dutch lotto, €24 million in the German lotto, and more than €20 million up for grabs in the Spanish La Primitiva as well as transnational VikingsLotto in Northern Europe this week?

Lottery vendors all across Europe will not doubt be doing very good business. Those who prefer not to queue can easily, safely and quickly play online at els-lotto.com

What numbers are you playing this week?