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La Primitiva
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€ 322.000.000
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el Gordo
€ 5.600.000
30 May 2016

10 unusual items you can buy with a 50 Million jackpot

Imagine winning the lotto jackpot tomorrow. Not just any small prize, but the big fat jackpot, somewhere in the order of 50 million euros. The world is suddenly a very different place. You will never have to worry about the future again. You’ll be asked to answer the question: “what are you going to do with your 50 million?"

Millions of euros in the EuroMillions

These days, a number of lotteries offer a chance at winning a mega-jackpot of more than 50 million. You can do so at ELS Lotto by playing the EuroJackpot or EuroMillions. Even the Italian SuperEnalotto currently stands at almost 100,000,000.

10 unusual purchases for 50 million

So here is the question. How are you going to spend 50,000,000? It does not even matter much if the amount is in American dollars, British pounds, or Euros. An amount that big offers endless possibilities. We selected ten very interesting options for you to consider, all in the price range of 50 million.

Very rare diamond

Do you love jewellery, and are you looking for something very special? The extremely rare pink diamond “The Unique Pink” was recently sold at auction by Sotheby’s for the amount of $ 32,000,000.

Your own personal rollercoaster

Do you love amusement parks? You might enjoy having your own rollercoaster. The “Steel Dragon" - which you can ride at the Nagashima Spa Land amusement park in Japan – costs a mere 52 million dollars.

Unique penthouse in London

If you have a preference for luxury accommodations and want to live in London, you should have a look at Carlton House. This penthouse costs £ 35,000,000 - $49,421,067

Your own private jet

Have you always dreamed of owning an airplane? For slightly more than 50 million ($ 57 million, to be exact) you are the proud owner of a Gulfstream G550. With this extremely exclusive private jet, you can quickly fly to your favourite holiday destinations. There is enough room on board to bring along 15 of your best friends.

Your own island

Beautiful living. Enjoying the peace and quiet, uninterrupted by noisy neighbours. It is yours when you have your own island. Several islands are up for sale on Private Islands Online. What about Lighthouse Cay, an island in the Caribbean? This island is up for sale for $ 33,300,000.

Wine domain in France

This one also comes in under budget. For about $ 35 million, you can own your own wine domain in Gironde, France. You will even have a little left over to spend on the necessities and manpower to actually produce a fabulous wine.

Your very own English football club

Are you looking for a football club of your own? Chinese businessman Dr Tony Xia recently purchased famed Aston Villa for approximately £60,000,000 – a little over budget. After all, you must also buy a few players. We hope the jackpot ends up somewhat larger.

Beautiful property with a house in Cannes

Living on the Cote d'Azur. Who wouldn’t want to? For €55,000,000 you can be the owner of an incredibly select property with a view of the Mediterranean Sea. What are you waiting for?

Unique yacht

Do you love sailing and spending time on the water? The “Lady Sheridan” might be just the thing for you. For $ 48,900,000, you can be the owner of a 58-metre yacht from German wharf Abeking & Rasmussen.

Very special painting

At first glance it is just a painting with large yellow and blue blocks. However, a connoisseur recognizes the magnificent brush strokes made by Mark Rothko. His “Untitled, (Yellow and Blue)” was recently sold at auction by Sotheby’s for a cool $ 46.5 million.

Do you see anything you like? Make sure to buy your lottery ticket and make a chance at owning something from this list.