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Euro Lotto

In another article we’ve explained everything about the American Lotto Dream. Winning the Lotto USA (the American lotteries) will definitely change your life.

But there’s more than huge jackpots in the USA. Since some years the new and promising Euro Lotto jackpots are attracting many players online worldwide.

ELS Lotto (European Lottery Services) was the first European lottery ticket service in 1994 and thus has all the knowledge of the European Lottery market.

Let’s look at some serious Euro Lotteries and their huge jackpots....

win the Euro Lotto Jackpot

Lotteries in Europe

It’s difficult to find out when lotteries has started to become popular in Europe. If we look at the biggest European countries, the first lottery was probably the Million Lottery (or Million Adventure) in the United Kingdom in 1694. The current National Lottery in the UK was started in 1994. The German Lotto ‘6 aus 49’ launched in October 1955. And in France, the France Loto first started in 1975. All of them long before the current online possibilities to play lotto easy and safe from home.

Start of the transnational lotteries: euro lotto jackpots over 100 million

Besides all the national lotteries in each country, there are three major transnational lotteries in Europe. The Northern European countries are organizing the Víkinglotto since 1991. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Slovenia are among the countries where the Víkingalottó (started as- and also known as the Onsdagslotto...) is organized.

But there is more.

Since 2004 the new Euro Millions lotto launched and within 10 years a second Euro Lotto named Eurojackpot started to attract lottery players online from Europe and beyond.

Let’s introduce both top Euro Lotteries.

The Euro Millions lotto

Since the start in 2004 the number of organizing countries of this new Euro Lottery has grown to 9. Together the countries France, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal and Switzerland jointly provide the lottery for which the numbers are drawn twice a week. On Tuesday and Friday night the lottery draw is at 20:45 CET in Paris.
To play the Euro Million Lotto (the biggest Euro Lottery), players have to select 5 numbers from the range 1-50 and 2 different lucky stars numbers from a range of 1-12.

Besides the regular lotto draw twice a week, once or twice a year a Super Draw is making the EuroMillions Lotto even more interesting. A guaranteed jackpot of €100,000,000 is attracting a lot of new players online who are trying their luck.

And the Eurojackpot lotto

The second best and big Euro Lottery is the Eurojackpot lotto, since 2012. Since then up to 18 countries have joined this new lottery which is similar to the Euro Millions.

You have to choose 5 numbers from a series of 1-50 and pick two lucky bonus numbers from a range of 1-10. The lottery draw is once a week, every Friday night. The lottery is organized by the official lotteries of Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Slovenia, Iceland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

European Lotteries in 2019

The other big national lotteries of Europe

Although these two big European Lottos attract many players the national lotteries are still popular. Most of the lotteries require a single selection of numbers for each lottery ticket to make a chance to win the jackpot millions.

Let’s look at some of the European National Lotteries by country:

  • Deutschland - German Lotto ‘6 aus 49’
    Wednesday and Saturday - select 6 numbers out of 49
  • UK - National Lottery
    Wednesday and Saturday - select 6 numbers out of 59
  • Holland - De Lotto
    Saturday - select 6 numbers out of 45
  • Italy - SuperEnalotto
    Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - select 6 numbers out of 90
  • Ireland - Irish National Lottery
    Wednesday and Saturday - select 6 numbers out of 47
  • France - France Loto
    Monday, Wednesday and Saturday - select 5 numbers out of 49 and 1 out of 10
  • Poland - Lotto
    Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - select 6 numbers out of 49
  • Belgium - Lotto
    Wednesday and Saturday - select 6 numbers out of 45
  • Spain - El Gordo
    Sunday - select 5 numbers out of 55 and 1 out of 9
  • Spain - La Primitiva
    Thursday and Saturday - select 6 numbers out of 49
  • Portugal - Totoloto
    Wednesday and Saturday - select 5 numbers out of 49 and 1 out of 13

More lotto jackpots to win

How about a $1,586.5 billion jackpot? Or a single ticket win of $877.8 Million.

Besides the top European Lotto Jackpots the USA Lotteries have huge jackpots to offer. Find out all about Lotto USA and the American Lotteries.

As the premier and oldest lotto ticket service in Europe we will keep you informed about new lotto opportunities to join.

For now all the luck with your favorite lotto.


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