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    • About us?

      In the 90s there was no internet. Nowadays you can hardly imagine that. If you wanted to play the lottery you had to buy your tickets at a local cigar shop or kiosk.


      The results of the lottery could be seen weekly on TV or you had to read the draw results in the newspapers.


      In these years there were hardly any foreign lotteries to play. The German Lotto 6 aus 49 was one of the first major European lotteries that attracts players outside Germany due to the huge jackpots. People who lived close to the borders drove to Germany to buy their lottery tickets there.


      It was pretty funny to see huge spikes in traffic to Germany once the jackpot went up rapidly. More and more people try their luck to win the jackpot

      The founders of Euro Lottery Services (ELS Lotto) were enthusiastic lottery players as well and recognized the opportunity to buy lotto tickets not only for themselves but for other players as well.

      If you are driving to Germany to buy some tickets …


      Play with the German Lotto


      Buying tickets for other enthusiastic lottery players

      If you are going to Germany by car to buy your lottery tickets for the German 6 aus 49 Lotto, it is just as easy to buy some extra lottery tickets for other players as well. This idea was the start of the current company.


      The very first lottery ticket service in Europe

      When the internet became more popular in the late 90s ELS Lotto decided to provide a page on the internet that makes it very easy to order original lottery tickets on behalf of their customers.


      In addition to play the German Lotto, it was also possible to play other lotteries as well.


      Over the years, both the internet and the number of lotteries grew. Nowadays, in addition to the large national lotteries, the number of transnational lotteries have also emerged. Both in Europe and especially in the United States, the various jackpots sometimes reach unprecedented heights. You probably have seen some notable and huge wins over time in the news. If you want to know more about all big lotteries that can be played we have an overview of the best lotteries online in the world.


      Although much has changed in the last 29 years, fortunately many things have remained unchanged. In this way we know many players from the very beginning and we still take care of their lottery tickets. We make it very easy and save them a lot of time.

      ELS Lotto may call itself the first lottery ticket service office in Europe.


      We are very proud of that and try to improve every day.

      We’re helping with your lottery dreams. What would you do with so many millions once you win?


      are you lucky to win the lottery millions


    • How it works?


      Order form

      To order lottery tickets the order form can be used in two different ways. After you have selected the lottery and the number of draws, you can fill in your own lucky numbers manually or choose the fast way and click 'Quick Pick' for random numbers.


      Lottery tickets

      You can view and manage your lottery tickets by logging into your My ELS account with your own password. Your lottery ticket shows, among other things, your lucky numbersdate of purchasenumber of draws.

      Your lottery ticket, including the order confirmation you received by e-mail before the particular draw, is your proof of participation. At your own discretion you can download the lottery ticket for your own administration.

      closing time


      Closing time

      The closing time for processing your tickets depends on the lottery you have choosen. Below you will find the specific closing time for each lottery mentioned.

      Note: Ticket(s) ordered after closing time will be processed for the next upcoming draw.



       Closing time

        German Lotto  (Wed)  17:00pm  (Europe/Germany)
        German Lotto  (Sat)  18:00pm  (Europe/Germany)
        Eurojackpot  (Fri)  18:00pm  (Europe/Germany
        Euromillions  (Tue/Fri)  19:00pm  (Europe/Belgium)
        El Gordo  (Sun)  20:00pm  (Europe/Spain)
        La Primitiva  (Thu/Sat)  20:00pm  (Europe/Spain)
        Superenalotto  (Tue/Thu/Sat)  18:30pm  (Europe/Italy)
        US Mega Millions  (Tue/Fri)  21:00pm  (US/Eastern)
        US Powerball   (Wed/Sat)
       21:00pm  (US/Eastern)

      Winnings and Payouts

      You can check the winning lotto numbers on our results page. After each draw, the prizes will be calculated and credited to your wallet in My ELS. Monthly, the winnings will be paid to your bank account, depending on how you have indicated this in your personal wallet settings in My ELS. You can choose to cash out your winnings transferred to your own bank account or to use your winnings to order new tickets.

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