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    • Closing time?

      The closing time for processing your tickets depends on the lottery you have choosen. Below you will find the specific closing time for each lottery mentioned.


      Note: Ticket(s) ordered after closing time will be processed for the next upcoming draw.



       Closing time

        German Lotto  (Wed)  17:00pm  (Europe/Germany)
        German Lotto  (Sat)  18:00pm  (Europe/Germany)
        Eurojackpot  (Fri)  18:00pm  (Europe/Germany
        Euromillions  (Tue/Fri)  19:00pm  (Europe/Belgium)
        El Gordo  (Sun)  20:00pm  (Europe/Spain)
        La Primitiva  (Thu/Sat)  20:00pm  (Europe/Spain)
        Superenalotto  (Tue/Thu/Sat)  18:30pm  (Europe/Italy)
        US Mega Millions  (Tue/Fri)  21:00pm  (US/Eastern)
        US Powerball   (Wed/Sat)
       21:00pm  (US/Eastern)
    • Password incorrect or forgotten?

      If you have lost your password or perhaps forgotten it, click on the link below:

      Request new password

    • What are the costs per lottery ticket?

      What are the entry fees for participations through direct payments?


      German Lotto 6 aus 49

      Per line/draw € 1.50



      Per line/draw € 1.60


      La Primitiva

      Per line/draw € 1.75


      El Gordo de la primitiva

      Per line/draw € 2.00



      Per line/draw € 2.50


      EuroMillions Simple

      Per line/draw € 3.50


      EuroMillions Multiple

      Per line/draw € 4.00


      Mega Millions

      Per line/draw € 3.50



      Per line/draw € 3.50


      Transaction costs

      We charge € 2.25 transaction costs under a stake amount less than € 20.

    • How do I know if I have won?

      Immediately after the official draw * the results are published on the website of Euro Lottery Services. At the same time your personal account will be updated. Through My Transactions you know immediately whether you are among the lucky winners. You will be contacted personally by us for amounts above € 5.000.


      * The draw result of the Saturday lotto "German Lotto 6/49" will be published the following Monday.

    • Why didn't i receive a order confirmation?

      1. Why?

      Sometimes the order confirmation is mistaken for spam. Then check your spam filter and the junk e-mail folder.


      2. Check!

      Always check your personal online account My ELS. Here you can verify whether your numbers are being processed.


      3. Solution

      If the numbers are being processed/visible in your personal account My ELS.
      Add the following e-mail addresses to your mailaccount: info@els-lotto.com and support@els-lotto.com.

      We also strongly advise if you have a live, hotmail ore outlook e-mail account to change this to for example to a free Gmail account. 


      4. What next?

      If the order confirmation is not in your e-mail/spam folder within 15 minutes, please contact customer service via: support@els-lotto.com.

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