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    • How do I know if I have won?

      Immediately after the official draw * the results are published on the website of Euro Lottery Services. At the same time your personal account will be updated. Through My Transactions you know immediately whether you are among the lucky winners. You will be contacted personally by us for amounts above € 5,000.


      * The draw result of the Saturday lotto "German Lotto 6/49" will be published the following Monday.

    • When will my winnings be paid out?

      After each draw, the prizes will be calculated in euro's and credited to your wallet in My ELS. Monthly, the prizes will be paid to your bank account, depending on how you have indicated this in your personal wallet settings in My ELS. You can choose to cash out your winnings transferred to your own bank account or to use your winnings to order new tickets.


      Note: However, there is an exception if your prize money is less than € 10. If this is the case, your balance will remain in your account until the first week of the following month.

    • How can I claim my prize money?

      Winnings up to € 5,000 will be credited to your My ELS account. If you win a prize above € 5,000, you will automatically receive a message via e-mail asking if you want to contact us. In the instruction mail you will be explained exactly what you need to do to collect your prize. Our support team will assist you with this.

    • Which taxes do I have to pay?

      Gambling tax is paid on a prize won. With some lotteries this is levied in advance. The income tax is different for each country/state. For exact information we advise you to consult the website of the official lottery organisation. Also check the tax rules in the country where you live, in addition to the information we provide to you, local taxes that may apply. The level of payment differs per country. Euro Lottery Services does not charge or withhold any taxes on your behalf.



      A government tax rate of 1.03 % , 3.1 % and 12% is applicable to price amounts respectively € 100, € 300 and € 500 and above.


      el Gordo and La Primitiva

      A government tax rate of 20% is applicable to price amounts above € 2.500.



      The official lottery organisation paid a Monopoly tax rate of 11% on the number of tickets sold.


      Mega Millions en Powerball

      Any prize up to $599 is tax free and fully credited to your personal account My ELS.

      For any prize of more than $600 to $5000, the Lottery withholds 29% of your winnings (Federal Tax 25% and State Tax 4%). 

      $5001 and above, no credit to your personal account My ELS. $5001 and above automatically means a pay-out of $10.000 ore more. We will let you know by email that you have won. Those tickets must be claimed in person so we will hold those tickets for pickup in our local office in the US.

      All winning Lottery tickets are subject to Income Tax. The Lottery withholds 29% of your winnings (Federal tax 25% and state tax 4%) and if you don't have a U.S. Social Security Number the Lottery withholds 34% of your winnings (Federal Tax 30% and State Tax 4%).


      German lotto 6aus49 and Eurojackpot

      The official lottery organisation paid a total of 16,67% tax + a Konzessionsbeitrag of 24%.