€ 178.000.000
Today's jackpot!


Play the Euromillions lotto and choose your own lucky numbers to become outrageously rich! Choose one or more draws to play every Tuesday and Friday for only € 3.50 per line/draw.

Euromillions is the first European lottery that could make you Outrageously rich. Every Tuesday and Friday draw, there is a guaranteed minimum jackpot of € 17 Million.

If there is no jackpot winner, prizes can be as high as 45 million euros after a few draws. This is because the main prize pool rolls over to the next draw. Therefore the Jackpot of EuroMillions can rise rapidly with 55, 75, 100 or even more than € 200 Million!

Euromillions Superdraw

Three times a year, there is a special Euromillions Superdraw. Within this draw, the Euro Millions jackpot increase to an exceptionally high and guaranteed amount of € 130.000.000! 

How to play Euromillions

how to play Euromillions?The Euromillions draw takes place twice a week every Tuesday and Friday live from the television studios of La Française des Jeux in Paris. During each draw, all 5 main numbers are selected as well as 2 lucky stars numbers

After the live draw in Paris, results are also announced through a BBC Euro Millions show at 11.35pm (CET) on the same night. Other participating countries broadcast the results as well. Of course, you will be able to check the latest Euromillions results through our website or your personal lottery account My ELS.

Euromillions Simple or Multiple?

There are two ways that you can play Euromillions, namely by filling in your own lucky numbers using the Euromillions Simple play slip or through a Euromillions Euromillions Multiple form. Playing a Multiple form increases your chances of winning because in this case you're playing with all 12 lucky stars numbers.

My Bonus (Raffle)

A My Bonus code is automatically assigned for each Euromillions line played. To take part in the My Bonus draws, as well as the special Millionairs draw in which 25 winners* win € 1.000.000. The special EuroMillions Millionairs draws 4 times a year for 25 winners of € 1,000,000 each. Is there no winner? Then My Bonus draw a extra winner of € 1.000.000! My Bonus draws guarantee 600** extra winners of € 500 every week. There are also thousands of winners of € 10 several times a year.

* The number of winners per special Millionairs draw may vary and depends on what the participating EuroMillions countries decide together.
** 200 winners on Tuesday and 400 winners on Friday.

Where can I find the My Bonus code?

The My Bonus code can be found on your ticket. At the bottom of the selected number combination you will see "My Bonus".

Draw results Euromillions

Euromillions is one of Europe's two big jackpot games that takes place twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday, you will be able to watch a 'live' broadcasting wich will be televised on BBC One around 22:30 hours (CET). After the live broadcasting you can find the latest results on the national website of Euromillions.

You will also be able to check all Euromillions results and your winnings in your personal account My ELS.

Prize breakdown Euromillions

Matching the correct 5 numbers + 2 lucky stars numbers will make you a Jackpot winner of the Euromillions. With only 2 matching main numbers you already win a prize.

 Numbers to match

Estimated Prize*

  5 +  JACKPOT!
  5 +  ± € 303,798,-
  5 ± € 31.448,-
  4 +  ± € 3.067,-
  4 +  ± € 164,-
  3 +  ± € 104,-
  4  ± € 58,-
  2 +  ± € 19,-
  3 +  ± € 14,-
  3 ± € 12,-
  1 +  ± € 10,-
  2 +  ± € 8,-
  2 ± € 4,- 

   = Lucky Stars

*The prize value will vary each draw, depending on ticket sales and the number of winners matching the same numbers. Except in extremely unlikely circumstances, matching two main numbers will always win € 4. That means that prizes may sometimes be less than stated above.


After each draw, the prizes will be calculated and credited to your wallet in My ELS. Monthly, the prizes will be paid to your bank account, depending on how you have indicated this in your personal wallet settings in My ELS. You can choose to cash out your winnings transferred to your own bank account or to use your winnings to order new lottery tickets.

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