How to play?
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How to play?

What does a lottery ticket cost?
What are the entry fees for participations through direct payments? German... more
How does the play form work?
To order lottery tickets you can use this on two different games on the play for... more
Until what time can I order my lottery tickets?
The closing time for processing your tickets depends on the lottery you have cho... more
Has my ticket been successfully processed?
How do I check if my participation is successfully processed? - Login to you... more
When are my lottery tickets online?
No later than 30 minutes before the draw, you can view your lottery tickets onli... more
What does a monthly subscription cost?
What are the entry fees for participations by SEPA Direct Debit? Powerball... more
Can I cancel my participation myself?
Yes, you can easily cancel your participation yourself. Step 1. Login to you... more
Can I change my lottery numbers?
Yes, login to your personal account My ELS and click on the icon [/] behind the ... more